Liberty Headquarters - 1955

From the beginning: A bank built around its customers

BankLiberty was established by its members in Liberty, Missouri over 60 years ago, back in 1955, with total assets of just $56,000. The idea was to promote the welfare of our members by pooling everyone’s savings, and using the funds to finance homes. Most members invested their money in small but regular amounts. For many years, our bank had only one location in the heart of Liberty, just off the historic square. Today, we try to keep offering our customers more than they expect. In fact, a lot more. Like convenient banking locations . Online banking 24 hours a day. A BankLiberty Mastercard® debit card that’s accepted worldwide. And a full range of financial solutions for individuals, families and local businesses.


A personal touch for the communities we serve

With our reputation for personal, one-on-one banking, coupled with the convenience of online banking, our customers come from all over the metro area. People tell us we have a reputation for being easy to do business with. We certainly hope so. And we’re committed to maintaining the small, community bank approach, even as we continue to grow. In our lobbies, for example, you’ll find comforts like a big-screen TV, couches, magazines and coffee. But the most important thing you’ll find is the same kind of friendly staff we’ve employed since the beginning. There’s no law that says a bank shouldn’t be an enjoyable place to visit.

In an age of mega-banks, there’s never been a greater need for a community bank

As local banks get swallowed up by super-sized banking chains, headquartered somewhere else, we’ve noticed a new appreciation for the local touch. At BankLiberty,we put a high priority on personal attention. When you walk in or drive through, we’re just old-fashioned enough to greet you by name. When you invest your money in BankLiberty, your savings will stay in the community. You’ll see us sponsoring community events, supporting local charities, and coaching local soccer games. We think people like doing business with bankers who have the same stake in the community as they do.

When you need a decision-maker at BankLiberty, you’re probably talking to one

Many banks have highly centralized operations, which they might feel does a lot for efficiency. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do a lot for the customer. That’s why BankLiberty puts decision-making authority at the local branch level. The people at your nearest branch won’t have to go up 2 or 3 layers to get something done for you. And they certainly won’t have to ask someone in another time zone if you can have a loan. The result: at BankLiberty, you get faster answers from people who actually know you. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations every day, and local decision-making is a key reason we can keep that commitment. We encourage you to contact us in person, by phone, or by e-mail if we can help in any way. At BankLiberty, we believe in putting the power of financial freedom within everyone’s reach.