Mobile Pay

The new way to pay is here

With Mobile Pay, you can pay with your mobile device. The safest, most secure way to pay is enabled by adding your BankLiberty debit card(s) for Apple Pay® , Samsung Pay or Android Pay™ to your smartphone’s digital wallet. Out with the wallet. In with convenience.

  • It’s easier.

On eligible smartphones, add your debit card(s) to “digital wallet.” Once you’re set up, paying is just a touch away at many retailers. You can use your device at check-out with fingerprint verification.

  • It’s safer.

With each transaction a unique, one-time virtual validation is used. Not your card number. Your debit card number is not passed along to the merchant.

  • It’s more convenient.

No more digging in your purse or wallet for your card. Mobile Wallet can be used anywhere you see this symbol. cardsymbol 

It’s faster than cash, checks or plastic. Tap, wave, pay. Done. 


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