Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is a free service available to all BankLiberty checking account customers. There is no easier way to pay bills.

Benefit from the convenience, safety, and cost-savings of Online Bill Pay. 

Convenience – Pay your bills anywhere, anytime. Use your mobile phone or computer to pay your bills. When you receive a bill, you can go online then and schedule it to be paid on a future date you choose. You will love the convenience of paying all bills through a single portal. Not only does it make paying bills faster, it also keeps your payment history together in one place.

Safety – One site, one password. Online Bill Pay is accessed through a secure website. That makes it much easier than remembering passwords for several billers’ websites and much more secure than using the same password at multiple billers’ sites. Unlike paying by check or paying through a biller’s website, Online Bill Pay does not share your account number every time you pay a bill.

Cost-Savings – No stamps, no envelopes.

To enroll, simply login to Online Banking and select the Payments button.

**Important information, note about browsers: To ensure the privacy and security of your personal banking information, BankLiberty uses 128-bit encryption only, the highest form of Internet transaction security and encryption.**